What is a conversation?

December 22, 2014
What is a conversation?

In the conventional sense, the word "conversation" has several meanings. When defining this concept, one usually means one of them:

  1. Mutual conversation of two or several participants, preferably friendly or business, sociable speech, the exchange with each other of feelings and thoughts in verbal vestments (the definition of Dal). In this sense, maintaining a conversation means having a dialogue with someone. For example: "What was your conversation yesterday?" Or: "Chatting, they went down to the beach."
  2. Chatting is the same as interviewing. When it is supposed to ask questions, as a rule, prepared in advance, to a certain person (often a well-known person) and receive answers to them. For example: "Our correspondent had a conversation with the head of a foreign delegation." This kind of conversation is usually intended for publication in a newspaper or magazine, broadcast by radio or television.
  3. This is a popular lecture with the participation of listeners and the exchange of views between them and the lecturer. For example: "Conversations about Eternity", as the name of the TV show. In this context, this concept also implies the presence of several participants.

And what is the conversation? This is the name of the magazine, and the name of the dance, and the name of the Czech club. Also called several villages in various parts of Russia.

The recognition of the role of conversation in the process of learning, acquiring new and consolidating the knowledge gained has received universal recognition. So well-known famous Socratic conversations, as a way to gain knowledge of his students.

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