What is the common cold in children? We are working correctly

Every parents at least once asked the question: "What is the common cold in children?" First, let's find out how it appears.than treat a common cold in children

In the nasal cavity, the inhaledair from particles of dust and allergenic substances, as well as its moisturizing and warming. When immunity weakens, pathogenic microbes enter the nasal mucosa, which very quickly multiply and damage its integrity. The upper part of the epithelium begins to exfoliate, and inflammation occurs. This is called a runny nose. Especially this kind of trouble children are exposed, because the protective forces of a small organism are not too strong yet. So, what are the cures for children? It all depends on its kind. By the way, the common cold is practically not the only symptom. Very often it starts with the common cold, flu, measles, adenovirus infection. To the cold, fever, headache, aches in the whole body are attached. This makes the state of health worse. Therefore, it is necessary to act in a complex. How to properly treat a runny nose to a child, will prompt an experienced doctor.

Most often, infectious rhinitis is observed in children. According to most pediatricians, do not rush and use medicines for treatment. To begin with, it is enough to dig in a spout with a saline solution and rinse it with warm water with sea salt or broths of chamomile, St. John's wort, calendula. Natural remedies from aloe and calanchoe will also come to the rescue. The juice of these plants perfectly cleanses the nasal passages.how to treat a cold for a child

If the runny nose does not stop more than two weeks,discharge from the nose thick and purulent, the child complains of a headache, he periodically raises the temperature to 38 ° C, then you should immediately consult a doctor. He will put an accurate diagnosis and tell you what the common cold treats children in this case. In all likelihood, it is a sinusitis - an inflammation of the sinuses (sinuses) of the nose. It will be required to donate blood, make a tomography or X-ray. If sinusitis is started, then it will go into a chronic form. For treatment use vasoconstrictive drops, they help to remove puffiness. It is recommended to use anti-inflammatory drugs in the complex. But if the condition is severe, the doctor prescribes antibiotics.

The most frequently inflamed are the largest -maxillary (maxillary) sinuses. This sinusitis is the most common form of sinusitis. In this case, it is necessary to act immediately and as soon as possible to find out from the doctor what the common cold treats children in this situation. It is necessary to quickly remove the swelling of the nasal mucosa and to withdraw phlegm from the maxillary sinuses. Most likely, the doctor will recommend this process with the help of soft catheters. The patient is put on his back on the couch, and the doctor enters the catheters into his two nostrils, then the drug solution slowly poured into one of them, and from the second one he was sucked. This procedure is absolutely painless and helps to wash both halves of the nasal cavity without affecting the respiratory tract and nasopharynx. The paranasal sinuses are cleared, the pus is removed, and the inflammation gradually subside.than to treat a cold to a one-year-old child

In any case, at the first sign of a beginning illness it is best to consult a doctor. An experienced specialist will tell you what to treat a cold for a one-year-old child, and also for older children and adults.

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What is the common cold in children We are working correctly What is the common cold in children We are working correctly What is the common cold in children We are working correctly What is the common cold in children We are working correctly What is the common cold in children We are working correctly