What is a cap?

Anna Piskunova
Anna Piskunova
February 27, 2015
What is a cap?

In the modern world, few people will be surprised by high buildings and structures. Often in their planning there are also underground floors. Sometimes they are called plinths. But this is not entirely true.

In the article we will consider what a base is in more detail, and also we will talk about where else they can be used.

Base definition

Most of the meanings of the word base refers to the subject of construction, namely: the base is a somewhat protruding continuation of the foundation of a building, structure, or structure and is part of the outer wall. Thus, a transition between the foundation and the wall is formed. This sometimes makes it possible in everyday life to use a base to describe the space that has arisen or the ground floor of a building.

As a rule, the base is thickened. Because of this, it can perform some useful functions for the building. These functions can be expressed in practical aspects, for example, protection from moisture and low temperatures, and can meet the aesthetic architectural solution. In different types of socles, these functions are represented differently.Somewhere greater emphasis is placed on the appearance, and somewhere - on practicality.

But the base is not only part of the building. We can also meet the base, when talking about different lamps. In this case, the base is the structure responsible for strengthening the lamp in the cartridge. It is to her electric current.

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