What is soothing for cats? How to choose it correctly?

sedative for cats

From the owners of mustachioed and striped, you can oftento hear: "My cat is furious!". And this is not a joke, but the real behavior of a pet caused by an irritant. Previously, a good pussy can begin to scratch, rush to the master, randomly label the territory, loudly meow or completely hide under the couch and angrily from there sizzle.

Our pets are also peculiar experiences because ofchanging the situation, the appearance in the house of new people or animals, the upcoming trip, noise at the exhibition and other things. The cause of an excited state may be the call of nature - the estrus in cats or the "March" period in cats. At these times, their small body is under tremendous stress and needs an ambulance. Therefore, in order to alleviate the condition of the agitated animal, it should definitely give a special sedative for cats. Now in veterinary pharmacies there is a large selection of such drugs. You just have to apply them correctly, depending on the situation.

soothing for a catVery popular sedative for cats -the preparation "Cat Bajun". It is presented in the form of tablets and herbal infusion and is completely natural. Has a sedative effect on cats during estrus, reduces aggression caused by any stimulus. The drug "Cat Bajun" - an excellent sedative for cats. He has a relaxing effect on them, removes nervousness and excessive activity, thereby discouraging the hunt to mark corners.

In the nearest veterinary pharmacy you can purchasea special remedy, "Cat's Mint" (this is the so-called soothing for cats). It is realized in the form of a spray and the grass itself in dried form (packaged). Liquid drug should be treated favorite places of stay pussy. Dried mint can be sprinkled on the same principle, or fill it with a homemade cushion and give it to the pet. In any case, the effect of the drug will have a positive effect on the restless cat: will prevent stress, relax before the exhibition, give energy.

If your pet is too impressionable, andbecause of this, he often leaps pressure, then it will suit a stronger sedative for cats - a drop of "Fitex." The drug based on herbs (motherwort, hop, sculler, valerian) will relieve stress, normalize the heart and nervous system of the animal, help him get rid of fear. Similar action is possessed by soothing drops and "Stop-stress" pills. This drug will help to normalize brain activity, thereby reducing excessive excitement.

soothing for catsThere is one more universal soothingmedium - special collar. It contains special ferromones, under which the cats behave calmly in stressful situations, whether traveling, moving, the presence of strangers in the house, etc. Also the collar will help animals to feel calm during the period of sexual activity, reducing the desire to mark the territory and spoil the furniture. The duration of such a sedative is 30 days.

Calm favorite pet can and without the use ofmedicines. For example, a cat during estrus needs to be ironed more often, pressed to itself, to play with it. Then she will not feel lonely and will easily survive a difficult period. An uneasy "March" cat can be released on the street - let it ventilate and let down steam. If nothing helps, the best sedative for a cat is castration. Preparations such as "Contra-Sex" and "Sex Barrier", blunting sexual activity, do not get carried away - they do not have the best effect on the reproductive system of both cats and cats. And if you doubt something, be sure to show the pet to the veterinarian.

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What is soothing for cats How to choose it correctly What is soothing for cats How to choose it correctly What is soothing for cats How to choose it correctly What is soothing for cats How to choose it correctly What is soothing for cats How to choose it correctly What is soothing for cats How to choose it correctly