What is rewriting?

December 25, 2014
What is rewriting?

The Internet is updated daily with new information: news sites, resources belonging to different organizations, and all sorts of blogs publish all new materials, often on the basis of already known events in the world and society. It is thanks to this phenomenon that such concepts as “rewriting” and “rewriting”, as well as the need for rewriting specialists, appeared.

Meaning and use of the word

The concept of "rewriting" has an English origin from the word rewriting, which in translation means "rewriting". The word originated in English-speaking companies, where there was a need to change the texts of commercial proposals and other materials beyond recognition, while retaining the meaning of the narration.

Today rewriting is used to avoid charges of plagiarism. Thus, rewriting is a rewritten text of the original in your own words. In school education, it can be correlated with the presentation, which is, in fact, an exercise for the children to learn vocabulary. In journalism, the equivalent of a rewriter correspondent is a person who creates a report based on the finished material.

The word “rewrite” is a masculine noun that is inclined according to the rules of the Russian language.

For example:

  1. "For a well-known site, you need to make a quality rewriting of the text."
  2. "Rewriting specialist required."
  3. "There have already been written enough articles about the methods of rewriting."

What you need to be able to rerayter

It is important for a rewriting specialist to have good literacy and ability to work with the text, because he will have to express other people's thoughts in other words while retaining the common meaning. It is important to ensure the structure and readability of the new material. Most often, rewriting is used in areas where much is already open: in medicine, web programming, cooking and other areas.

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