What is a reef?

Julia Agafonova
Julia Agafonova
January 26, 2015
What is a reef?

Abstract word "reef" is clear to everyone. But what is a reef in explanatory dictionaries and how is it translated? Translated from the Dutch language, “rif” (pronounced Russian “reef”) is a rib.

Meaning of the word "reef"

  1. According to the explanatory dictionaries of Dahl, Ozhegov, Ushakov and the Ephraim reef, this is a lengthy series of stones (rocks) submerged or protruding above or at sea level that is dangerous for navigation. There is a wide variety of reefs. Basically, they are divided into biotic and fossil (there are also artificial) reefs. The first are coral - just those that most often have in mind.
  2. The same Dal, Ozhegov and Efremova give the second meaning to the word - this is a transverse row of holes or loops on the sail, which serve to reduce the working area of ​​the sail in a strong wind. Used on yachts, sailboats and other vessels relevant today.

“Take the reefs,” “turn down the reefs,” and so forth — expressions related precisely to hooking up the sails or turning them down.

As you can see, both interpretations of the word refer to shipping.However, reefs are often used by travel companies as decorations for seaside resorts: you can swim with scuba gear.

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