What is purple gold?

A woman is one of the most mysterious and capriciouscreatures on the planet. No matter how she liked, no matter how attracted to her exquisite jewelry, the monotony of their colors sometimes leads to longing. To somehow surprise and please their beautiful half, men are ready for anything. Thanks to the masters of the jewelry business, purple-colored ornaments appeared. Such products will delight any woman.

History of occurrence

Purple gold in the modern world appeared not so long ago, but immediately began to win the hearts of lovers of luxury. Where does the origin of the history of such beauty originate?

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In 1931, archaeologists during the excavationsTomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamun was found a lot of jewelry. With careful study of them, it was possible to establish the period of manufacture of these products - almost the third millennium BC. All kinds of metal parts of clothing, jewelry, pendants and even Pharaoh's shoes are found. All these products were purple in color. In further studies it was found that such a color can not be obtained at any chemical effects on the metal. The material turned out to be real gold of unusual color.


The recipe for creating such an alloy for a long timewas considered lost forever. And only at the beginning of the XIX century, for the first time in Singapore, was made 19-carat purple gold. The alloy consists of 80% of gold and 20% of aluminum, this ratio relates it to 750 samples. Since 2003, the place of modern birth of a precious metal with an unusual color is Singapore. Purple gold very quickly gained popularity in many European countries and not only.

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Based on such an alloy,jewelry, and some masters - even precious stones, giving them the appearance of a purple diamond. After doing some research, the chemists obtained a solution of the same color, when added to a glass melt, a so-called ruby ​​glass is produced. And some artists use it to paint works from porcelain. And although purple-gold is used in various spheres, most of all it is in demand in jewelry business.

As we mentioned earlier, the history of the extraordinarygold originates even before our era, but in the modern world it is still a new material. Perhaps its role was played by an unusual manufacturing technique. At first scientists in the field of metallurgy were engaged in it, and only then the masters of jewelry business.

Products made of purple gold are very much in demand. At the moment, more and more popular jewelry, made from a combination of several types of non-ferrous metal. Some parts of the pendants, necklaces, rings are mostly made of white or yellow, and purple gold is used to simulate precious stones.

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Such an ornament weighing 19 carats costs about 55 thousand. dollars. A ring made of gold with purple inserts weighing 18 carats - 2 thousand dollars. And although it would seem that the price of gold itself should be higher than that of the alloy, due to the complex production process, purple metal is an order of magnitude more expensive than usual.


In our rapidly developing world with all itsthe multifacetedness of surprising the beautiful half of humanity is becoming increasingly difficult. Beauty lovers increasingly want to wear exquisite ornaments from good materials that do not cause allergic reactions. Purple gold refers to such, therefore, such products are very popular. The combination of beauty and impeccable quality will not leave indifferent any thin nature.

Where to buy purple gold? It can be found in elite jewelry stores, but such jewelry will not be expensive.

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