What is press?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
May 19, 2015
What is press?

The word "press" has two basic meanings, one of which is used mainly in industry, the second in sports. Let's understand what the press is in both meanings of a given word.

Press in industry

The press in industry calls the pressure mechanism by which a substance is compacted, squeeze out liquids, change shape, perform forging, stamping and other works.

There are many types of presses that differ in design and mechanism of action - roller, screw, hydraulic, wedge, lever, rack, etc.

By the way, historically, the most primitive press was considered a stone with an extensive round-shaped notch, which was used for knocking out olive oil.

Press in a figurative sense

The press in a figurative sense refers to something that oppresses, puts pressure on a person (to be under the pressure of public opinion, to be under the pressure of the boss). For example: "An independent person who has his own opinion is always under pressure in our country" (A. Rosenbaum).

Press in sports

Press in the sport is called the abdominal muscles.Most of the girls and young men who watch the figure, most of all, they want to press the press, but to make it stand out is very difficult. The relief of this muscle can be obtained only if the fatty fold on the abdomen is no more than 1, 5 cm. That is, training should pursue two goals - burning fat and increasing muscle volume.

The first goal is achieved by proper nutrition with a minimum content of fats and carbohydrates, as well as cardiovascular exercise (running, brisk walking, cycling, jumping), the second is through regular strength exercises on the press.

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