What is politics?

Everybody knows a lot about politics. We know everything about the policy of the state, our company, and even we pursue our political line in family relations. What is politics? Let's try to sort out this issue.

What does “politics” mean?

The word policy came to us from the ancient Greek language. It comes from the word politike, which translates as public or state affairs. Many famous philosophers gave their own definition of politics. For example, Plato believed that politics is the art of managing all other arts (judicial, oratorical, military, etc.) in order to improve the lives of citizens. Machiavelli believed that the policy can be called knowledge of the correct and wise government rule.

What is politics: modern definition

The policy is a general guide for decision making and actions that facilitate the achievement of the goal. The policy develops the directions to follow in order to achieve the goal. In addition, she explains why it is necessary to adhere to these directions.Although the policy directs actions to accomplish the task or to achieve a specific goal, however, it leaves freedom of action.

What is the essence of politics

The concept of "politics" has long been included in our speech and everyday life. But did it make it clearer? Let's try to explain the essence of the policy:

  1. The policy is created by government agencies and social movements, so it is inextricably linked with them.
  2. Politics is a struggle for power, its use and its retention.
  3. A policy can be viewed as a decision-making procedure in a society in which there is no complete unity. These decisions can satisfy the interests of a large group of people or vice versa, a very narrow circle of people.
  4. Policies can be compared with one of the arts. After all, a skilled politician always achieves a goal with minimal losses, is able to try on the warring parties, take into account both the long-term and short-term interests of his party, the people and the state. And all this is not possible if the politician does not have deep knowledge, talent, and intuition.

What does politics do?

Politics plays a significant role in the development of any society. Let's take a closer look at what politics is doing in society:

  1. Ensures the stability and integrity of society.
  2. Provides efficiency and mobilization of all types of social activities.
  3. Regulates and governs the public interest.
  4. Provides socialist socialization by drawing the individual and entire groups of people into social life.
  5. Creates the rights and freedoms of the individual, as well as the guarantee of their observance.

What is policy

All that is in any way connected with social movements, political parties and state structures can be attributed to politics. This can be explained by the fact that it is all of the above that creates the policy, and, consequently, it is inextricably linked with it. Any problem if it falls into the sphere of attention of a state, public movement or party immediately becomes a political problem.

What is included in the policy

Politics is a rich and diverse world, which includes:

  1. Various sciences, because politics is inextricably linked with them.
  2. The goals, interests and attitudes of various political institutions and social groups.
  3. The mechanisms of coordination and regulation of interests that prevent the split of society.
  4. Direct interaction of objects and subjects of policy.

Elements of politics also include political relations, political power, political organization and culture, political consciousness, as well as political actors.

What is the accounting policy

Accounting policy is the documentation governing the maintenance of tax and accounting at the enterprise or organization, as well as a whole set of rules for recording expenses and incomes on the organization’s accounts, setting the balance sheet for the property and drawing up the reporting documentation.

In other words, accounting policies can be viewed as a whole set of documents that facilitate accounting and reduce taxation.

Properly developed accounting policies can legally reduce the taxation of an enterprise or organization.

The accounting policy is developed by the chief accountant, and approved by the head of the organization, issuing an order for its implementation.

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