What is perfect?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
May 20, 2015
What is perfect?

Hearing the word "perfect", many immediately recall the tense form of the verb in a foreign language, mostly English or German. But few people know that this word is used in colloquial speech. Let's see what is perfect.

Different meanings of the word

If you follow the translation of this word from other languages, it means “ideal”, therefore, many use it in this sense, for example, “perfect day”.

In the grammar, this word refers to the tense form of the verb, where the action that occurred in the past has a connection or result in the present tense. This form is most clearly expressed in English (Perfect Tense). For example, "Have you ever seen this play?" (Have you ever seen this game?); “They have gone to New York” (They came to New York).

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