What is OTP: in fanfics, in informatics, in the banking system

Terminology is now constantlyExpands: not due to the emergence of new words, but due to the addition of additional meanings already available. This phenomenon is easy to explain: it is easier to remember one more meaning of the familiar term than to suffer from another, cumbersome and incomprehensible, for which a simplified, brief analogue has not yet been invented. As a consequence, it becomes interesting to study the definitions used in completely inconsistent areas. This phenomenon often arises from abbreviations - a combination of the first letters of the verbose term. Here, for example, the simplest question: "What is a TNA?" I bet that fans of fanfiction and computer science will think about very different things.

So, consider in order.

Awesome World of Fanfics

what is an otp

The first to mention fanfics - why notstart with them. First of all, for those who are not at all familiar with this word, it should be pointed out that fanfiction is a jargon that defines one of the varieties of fan art, expressed in the writing of stories-continuations, stories-offshoots and other literary works based on your favorite book, film, franchise, and sometimes life of media people.

If it's really fair, then fanfics breakcopyrights and therefore are illegal. But fans do not stop it. So, there are cases when fanfics became so popular that they eventually turned into full-fledged literary works.

Known Examples

A vivid example is "Fifty shades of gray",which was originally planned and written as another fanfic on "Twilight" (a vampire saga by Stephanie Meyer, a wave of popularity that slept quite recently). Now it is the best-selling book, ahead of even the sale of our sensible Harry Potter in Britain. That, however, is it deservedly this is a completely different matter.

And the fanfic by Potteriana "Harry Potter and the methodsrational thinking, "although not going to the ranks of individual literary works, still has thousands of fans around the world, its own website and is written by a man whose competence over what he puts on the Internet should not even be doubted." The author is a respected scientist and researcher Eliezer Yudkowski.

The phenomenon of fanfiction was known and much earlier before the appearance and spread of the Internet - these are the numerous adventures of Sherlock Holmes, written not by Arthur Conan Doyle himself, but by his amateurs.


what is an outlet in fanfics

So, what is TNA in fanfiction? This abbreviation comes from the English OTP - One True Pairing (One correct (correct, true, real) peyring).

Peyring, in turn, is a couple in fanfiction, which has some kind of romantic relationship. A favorite pair for a fan is his TNA.

OTP is rarely a canon, more often it is a couple thatfans are reduced because of their chemistry in the work. A person who has a TNA is called a shipper, and the chosen peyring is a pair, which he, in turn, schippers.

Although TNA suggests that it should beone, in the fans of many serials, books and whole fictional Universes (the more common they are, the more they come into the world of fan music). The TNA is numerous and everyone is more beloved than the previous one.

In the world of informatics

what is an ot password

What is an OTP password? Again, based on the English abbreviation One Time Password - this translates as a one-time password. The definition is exactly the same, similar.

OTP passwords are generated, monitored and verified by machines because of the inconvenience of their use by humans. Such devices are called OTP-token.

What is it, how it works and where it is used?

The principle of operation is based on one or another algorithm for generating one-time passwords embedded in the device. Algorithms are constantly improved due to one main reason.

The fact is that OTP passwords increase several timesdata storage security. For the average person, the following example of their use is typical: one-time passwords are sent to the bank's customers for confirmation of a payment, as an additional security measure when withdrawing money from the card. The higher the security, the greater the guarantee of the safety of finances the bank can offer.

One-time passwords are also used when restoring a forgotten common password, although not all services are adopted by this technology.what is it?

The OTP token itself is an amazingly simple device,which has only one button to generate and a monitor for displaying a one-time password. In large corporations, OTP tokens are embedded in computer networks for operational generation and work mobility.

Usually an OTP password contains 6 to 8 characters. The harder it is, the better. On that he and one-time, so that he did not have to remember.

And OTP is a bank

OTP is also a Hungarian banking group with branches in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, not to mention a number of other countries, including, of course, Hungary itself. It was founded in 1949.

The answer to the question about what "OTP Direct" is,is also extremely simple. It is an Internet bank, that is, a service in the capacity of which includes the management of the client's finances through the network. Simply put, this is the full range of actions that a client of OTP Bank can make on his card.what is direct

This is already used by every bank in view of everythingmore introduction of digital, information and Internet technologies in the world of the common man. Network services increase the mobility of work and at times simplify it. Incidentally, OTP passwords are often used in them, which were mentioned earlier in this article.

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What is OTP: in fanfics, in informatics, in the banking system What is OTP: in fanfics, in informatics, in the banking system What is OTP: in fanfics, in informatics, in the banking system What is OTP: in fanfics, in informatics, in the banking system What is OTP: in fanfics, in informatics, in the banking system