What is nano?

Olga Izvekova
Olga Izvekova
March 28, 2013
What is nano?

Nano- - comes from the Greek word nános, meaning "dwarf." What is nano? This is a prefix to the words, meaning a millionth of the original unit, i.e. 10-9. Initially, the prefix was applied exclusively to longitudinal units of measurement in the SI system - meters (nanometer), time (nanosecond), electrical capacity (nadofarad). Introduced in 1959 by American physicist Richard Feiman.

Now the prefix nano- is widely used with other words. What does nano mean in this case? It means that something has to do with technologies that work with nanoscale values, or is measured on a scale of about 10-9. 

  • Nanotechnologies are applied fields of science and technology that work with matter at the atomic level.
  • Nanoengineering - technical solutions that work with a substance and magnitudes comparable to the size of an atom.
  • Nanoparticles are small volumes of matter, particles whose dimensions are in the range from 1 to 100 nanometers.

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