What is micro?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
February 2, 2015
What is micro?

In order to understand what micro is, it is necessary to understand the meaning of a given word. This word is used as a prefix to other terms. In the international system of units of SI, this prefix is ​​used for the name and designation of decimal fraction.

Meaning of the word "micro"

That unit, which at the beginning of its name has the prefix "micro", comes from performing the multiplication of the initial number by 10 to the minus of the sixth degree. That is, it is one millionth part of the unit, which is named in the second part of the addition. For example, the microfarad (unit of measurement of electrical capacity) is one millionth of a farad.

In 1960, it was decided to use the word “micro” as a prefix for other terms in the International System of Units. In the same year, the Eleventh General Conference on Weights and Measures adopted the International System of Units. The word “micro” has an ancient Greek origin, in this language this term is denoted by the adjective “small”.

When typing words and numbers on a computer in the Windows system, you can print the designation of the prefix "micro", which is used throughout the world, using the number keys and the Alt button. Namely, it is necessary, while holding the Alt key, to dial the combination of numbers 0181.

The prefix "micro" is used in words that characterize small sizes. For example, these are the words “microorganism”, “microsystem”, “microparticle”, “microfilm”, “microblow” or “microdistrict”.

This prefix can also be associated with the study of very small quantities or objects, this process is called microanalysis. And the equipment for it is called the microscope. There is even the science of microbiology, the subject of study of which are microscopic organisms.

The prefix "micro" is widely used in many industries, for example, in the automotive industry, physics, biology, astronomy and medicine.

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