What is LT and what is it for?

LT is an abbreviated "like-time", "like-time" if you want. Let us examine in detail the mechanisms by which it is carried out, as well as what it is for.

How is LT

So, what is LT. This is a game, a hidden promotion, the "highlight" of the VC public books, popular Instagram users. Admin or social network star puts a separate post, which indicates at what time and on what photos or videos you need to put the cherished "likes". The subscribers have the following benefits: as a prize, they promise to choose one or several users, whose photos will also be “liked” in the next LT, and so on to infinity.

what is lt

What is LT, if it is carried out by the Instagram star: according to the results of the game, she also selects certain users, puts their photo with links in her tape with calls to subscribe, “hiding” these guys. Distinguished choose according to different criteria:

  • the most active;
  • first completed the task;
  • very fond of "celebrity";
  • random user - a special roulette program is used to determine it, etc.

Why is LT?

What is LT, we figured out.Why is it needed? From the outside, it may seem that a celebrity is holding a “like-time” in order to feel unity with her connoisseurs, show how they are dear to her, and somehow share her glory with them. Surely such goals also have a place to be. But most users use LT when they notice that popularity is plummeting, and notifications about likes and views do not break the tape.

what is lt

Speaking of "buns" for the winner of "Like-time", it should be noted that his PR in the star's tape rarely brings a flurry of "hearts" and subscriptions. Therefore, little by little, the relevance of such LTs is fading away. But this is not the only reason.


Now among celebrities "Instagram" is more relevant privileged "time of likes." What is LT in this case? A popular user invites at a certain time to participate in this event only accounts with many thousands of subscribers.

Having written off in personal messages, the assembled "mighty handful" gives each other the necessary posts with hearts at the agreed hour. As a result, their publications immediately fly up into the cherished "Recommended", which with the help of conventional LT can be achieved with very little probability.

Let us try to explain why there is such an impressive result:

  • For the system that selects publications for "Recommended", it is important not only the number of "likes", but also their quality: a celebrity's heart is equal in weight to several dozen ratings of ordinary users.
  • "Lai" post, another celebrity displays it in a certain tape and at his army of subscribers - many of them will want to see what their hero (heroine) liked so much.
  • Thematic similarity of celebrities who gathered at Like Time.

What is LT is not only the game "who is faster" on the social network, but also an effective tool for promotion in the right hands.

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