What is liquidation?

May 15, 2015
What is liquidation?

The word "liquidation" is of Latin origin (from liquidatio - the end of the case). In modern Russian, this word is used quite often in different areas. Let us consider in more detail what is liquidation.

The general meaning of this word is the following: the destruction of someone or something, as well as the termination of someone's activity.

For a better understanding, consider a few specific cases:

  • The elimination of weapons involves the seizure of weapons from their owners and those who use them.
  • The elimination of insects - is the destruction of pests on the site.
  • The liquidation of an organization or enterprise is the termination of its / its activities. The liquidation of a commercial enterprise may be associated with the summing up of financial results and the subsequent distribution of the remaining property, for example, the liquidation of a bank.
  • Historical example: the elimination of the kulaks as a separate class against the background of universal collectivization.
  • Another vivid example: literacy is the abbreviated "liquidation of illiteracy."In Soviet Russia and the USSR, adult education in writing and reading was so called. Now the word "educational program" is also used in a figurative sense and means mass training of unprepared people in the basics, basic concepts of any theory, science, etc.

These are the basic meanings of the word "liquidation." There are many more examples with this word, you can even remember them yourself.

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