What is kyanite? Stone kyanite: magical properties

Unusual properties of stones are known all over the world withancient times. Even in our time, many breeds are considered magical, endowed with special power. Not an exception, and stone kyanite, which is aluminum silicate.

Origin of the stone

Pore-forming mineral is extracted from largedepths in which alumina sedimentary rocks predominate. In addition, the stone is formed in contact zones of pegmatites or in veins of quartz. There are several varieties of kyanite, different colors from each other. The shade of the stone varies depending on the impurities trapped in the mineral. So, very often comes kyanite with iron, manganese, titanium and chromium.

kyanite stone

However, a classical mineral always hasa saturated blue color, for which he received his name from the Greeks - kyanos, which means "blue". Less common are green kyanite, as well as yellow and purple.

The shape of the stone resembles an elongated plate. All the crystals are welded together in parallel to the elongation, while being in the same direction. Hard rocks can not be scratched even with a knife. Therefore, the mineral has one more name - disten. This designation originated from the Greek dis sthenos and is translated as a "double fortress".

Varieties of stone

Kyanite is a rare stone. Therefore, it is almost impossible to meet him at a jewelry store. However, connoisseurs of unusual minerals collect whole collections of kyanites, differing in color from each other. The rarest (and therefore the most precious for fans) are black kyanite and colorless stone, as well as minerals with pleochroism (when it is able to change its color depending on the angle at which it is viewed) and with the effect of the "cat's eye."

Stone Deposit

Occurs kyanite almost in all points of the earthball. His deposits open up in new and unexpected places. However, the largest mineral deposits are found in the United States and in India. In the foothills of Nepal were found amazing kyanites, endowed with a saturated cornflower blue.

On the territory of the Russian Federation, this mineral is also mined. It can be found in the Urals, on the Kola Peninsula and in the Arkhangelsk Region.

Processing and application

In industrial production, the mineral is usedas a component for the creation of materials endowed with such characteristics as refractoriness, high strength and acid resistance. In addition, the mineral is added in the production of glow plugs for cars, insulators and ceramics (tile, sinks and bathrooms).

stones on the signs of the zodiac

In the jewelry industry is most often usedtransparent kyanite. The combination of this mineral and silver allows craftsmen to create unique ornaments. After cabochoning with stones, beautiful earrings, pendants and rings are obtained. Bracelets and beads are also made from the mineral. Due to the fact that the stone is easily crumbled, jewelers rarely use it in their business. However, the high-quality treated and polished kyanite acquires a noble appearance, which is most noticeable in natural light.

Healing properties of stone

People believe that kyanite is a stone,which can improve the tone of the human body, relieve nervous tension and increase mental activity. Folk healers advise their visitors to purchase such a mineral in case of infectious disease of the child, with insomnia and even with increased stressful situations. It is believed that it is the sky-blue color of the stone that contributes to the improvement of well-being and normalizes the cellular metabolism. Also kyanite is often found in people suffering from kidney diseases and those who have problems with the bladder.

combination kyanite

Many healers claim that the mineral rendersbeneficial effect on the heart, parietal, sacral and throat chakras. However, with the ability to provide such a weighty positive effects, the stone is still not recommended to be worn too often. Permanent contact of the mineral with the body can cause a depressed and depressed state.

Kyanite: magical properties

Kyanite is most often recommended for people who are able to change their second half. It is believed that the stone gives its owner loyalty, chastity and modesty.

Also, a mineral is often used for concentrationfocus on a specific task. It helps to concentrate on the main goal, does not allow a person to waste energy and ambition for secondary occupations. In addition, it is believed that the kyanite is a stone that can guide a person, and indicate to him a more profitable and successful occupation, which, most likely, will lead to fame and fortune. To people who are good-natured and decent, the mineral will help to achieve successes in career growth, give its owners modesty, general attention and sympathy, in passing, protecting from the adverse impact of competitors and simply envious people.

Kyanite is a stone that suits people,who are accustomed to take risks in vain for all that they have. After all, a mineral helps a person become more reasonable and prudent, opening his eyes to illusory and meaningless hopes. At the same time, thinking will become much clearer, and doubts will disappear altogether. Therefore, it is very simple to assess this or that situation sensibly. Adornments with kyanite are recommended for schoolchildren and students, because with the help of a mineral they will become more diligent and attentive, and even the craving for knowledge will become much larger.

green kyanite

Only when choosing a decoration should beextremely careful, carefully checking the integrity of the mineral. The fact is that the slightest violation in the structure of the stone, whether it is a chip or a slightly noticeable crack, can lead to a number of unpleasant events. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you carefully consider the mineral before buying.

Signs of the horoscope to which the stone is most suitable

Many people are interested in what are appropriatestones on the signs of the zodiac. The judgments of astrological experts agree that kyanite is categorically contraindicated to people born under the sign of Capricorn. The stone is more loyal to the owners, born under the sign of Libra, Cancers and Pisces. The greatest beneficial effect kyanite has on Gemini and Streltsov, helping their masters to overcome life's difficulties and turmoil.

magic kyanite

As for the remaining signs of the zodiac,desire to get stone support they will need a certain ritual of meditation lasting from 5 to 7 minutes. And it will have to be done daily. A person who can be called irresponsible and lazy, or someone whose thoughts are slipped by someone's desire to deceive, a stone should not even be taken in hand. It is believed that the magical properties of kyanite in such people are sent to expose fraudsters and deceivers. So soon people will know about dishonest behavior.

Who needs talismans from this stone

Most often, kyanite is needed for people with a creative profession, since the mineral is able to inspire its owner and attract success to it.

black kyanite

He is also popular with people,workers in public institutions, such as a school or a hospital. Gain from the stone charm and general sympathy, help people cope with their work.


Now you also know a mineral such as kyanite. The stone is quite popular, it has a lot of interesting properties. If you are Sagittarius or Gemini and think about what kind of stones on the zodiac signs are right for you, then know that kyanite is your mineral. It will bring to your life many positive moments.

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