What is knitting?

Irina Vashchenko
Irina Vashchenko
February 2, 2015
What is knitting?

We all love to wear knitted things, because they are so beautiful and at the same time soft and cozy. In each person’s wardrobe, a knitted hat, scarf or socks are sure to be found, moreover, many fashionable women like to flaunt in knitted coats, cardigans and even knitted boots. Therefore, it is unlikely that anyone needs to specifically explain what knitting is - everyone already knows how knitwear is made.

Hand knitting is one of the most ancient crafts. The concept of "knitting" can be defined as the process of creating a web or a whole finished product from a continuous thread by bending it into loops and further connecting these loops together in one way or another using simple hand tools.

What do you need for knitting?


For knitting in the first place yarn is needed. Yarn for hand knitting is used very different: natural and artificial; thin and thick; smooth and with various volume inclusions (knots, long fibers, down, feathers, etc., etc.P.); monophonic and multi-colored; with beads, beads, or sequins strung on it; with the addition of metallic threads.

In addition, you can knit in general not from yarn, but from braid, cords, narrow satin ribbons, strips of leather and suede, and even from fur cut into narrow ribbons.


The most common tools for hand knitting are the usual hooks and knitting needles. In addition, the Tunisian crochet hook (a special type of long crochet hook knitted on a different principle than the regular crochet) and a fork are also used for knitting. The fork is a special metal frame, made in the shape of a tuning fork, knitted on it using a regular hook.

What is knitting?

For knitting straight weave using a pair of long knitting needles made of steel, wood or plastic. The working ends of the knitting needles are slightly pointed for easy knitting of the loops; at the non-working ends there are thickenings protecting the loops from slipping.

Knitting needles start with a set on one of the needles of the desired number of loops. All the loops that are on the spokes are mobile. If one of them slips off during operation, the entire canvas will dissolve.

For circular knitting, usually five to six short knitting needles or two knitting needles connected by a flexible web are used.

What is crochet?

For such knitting hooks are used - short rods, ending in a slightly rounded, polished hook. A hook can be used to knit a flat canvas according to the “there-back” principle, or circular or cylindrical webs - in this case, knitting is carried out in one direction and the rows grow in a spiral. There is always only one working loop on the hook, all other loops are closed during operation, so crocheting is more resistant to unraveling.

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