What is it, the most beautiful city in Germany?

Germany is not only one of the leadingeconomically European countries, it has also excelled in tourism. Travelers are strongly attracted by the sights, located here, nature and entertainment. Often, visitors can hardly decide on which city in Germany to go first. By the way, the country has a well-developed railway system. Determine which is the most beautiful city in Germany, it is difficult, but you can visit several of those that make the heart tremble.


Berlin is the honorary capital of the Federal Republic. It is home to many attractions, including those that bear important historical heritage. Night clubs, libraries, galleries, cafes, restaurants and much more awaits a tourist in this glorious city.

Berlin, claiming the title "The most beautifulthe city of Germany ", is divided into 96 districts and 12 districts. The settlement was founded long before the formation of the main FRG borders - in 1237, although the first mention of it dates from 1170. The area is 892 km2. The population reaches more than 3 million bythe state for 2013. Near the center of Berlin is the beach on the lake, which is one of the most visited places. The same demand is enjoyed by the forest, there are many rare animals living in it.the most beautiful city in Germany


A distinctive feature of the city under the nameFrankfurt (Germany) is that it stands on the River Main. In the economic sphere, the settlement proved to be a good place and became a financial center. Moreover, the city is an association of the beautiful Remberberg of the old type - the current "heart" of Frankfurt - and modern types of skyscrapers. As a rule, tourists first visit monuments and museums, and after a busy day they drink and eat local sausage.

Frankfurt is much older than Berlin. And, maybe he is not the most beautiful city in Germany, but has a cool atmosphere and unforgettable charm. The first mention of the village appeared in 794. The area is relatively small - only 249 km2. The main attraction of the cityis the Cathedral of St. Bartholomew. It was founded in the XIV century and still retains its popularity. St. Paul's Church is also in demand. It has not such a rich historical reference as the first building, but it has a great historical heritage, being a symbol. It was in this room that the residence of many influential people, including the parliament as a whole, was located.essen germany


Düsseldorf has long been for many travelers -the most beautiful city in Germany. The settlement has unique historical information. The old part of the city was almost completely destroyed during the last war in the territory of this country. However, it was actively restored. And what can be seen here is the result of the efforts of the builders of that time. The architectural structures of this area have been for several decades. To this day, the state allocates enough money to carry out restorations. True, the only church of Neander was not restored.

The first mention of Düsseldorf was recorded in 1135. His city rank was in 1288. The area of ​​the town is 217 km2. The number of citizens is constantly growing. And almost reached the mark of 600 thousand. The old town is the center of tourism in Dusseldorf. It is here that most of the historical heritage is located.dresden


The capital of Saxony is Dresden - is near the border with the Czech Republic. The old town, called Altstadt, is the most visited tourist destination. It does not have a large area, so it's really easy to get around on foot in one day. The first mention of the city was recorded in 1206. The area is 330 km2. The population reaches 530 thousand people.

For a long time, Dresden has been an important cultural andtourist center. A long settlement was considered one of the most important in these areas, according to UNESCO, but after the construction of a modern bridge across the Elbe from the list was excluded. Almost 63% of the total area of ​​the city is occupied by forests. A haven for youth will be one of the districts of Dresden - Neustadt. It is in its territory is the maximum number of night clubs, cafes and other entertainment facilities.Frankfurt germany


Germany is a state in whichis located Essen. This city is the leader in the number of museums. As a rule, tourists are happy to bypass everything and share their positive impressions with their friends. The mansion of the family Krupp also has a very high popularity among travelers. Often it is in this place comes every visitor. The city itself is located on the territory of the largest agglomeration in the world.city ​​in Germany - Essen

The area of ​​Essen is 211 km2. Its population is 567 thousand people. Essen (Germany) is in +1 time zone, passing in the summer period of time by +2.

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