What is industrialization?

March 19, 2015
What is industrialization?

The concept of "industrialization" is associated with the dominance of industrial production in the economic development of a particular country.

The word has Latin roots and comes from the concept of "industry", which, in fact, literally means: industry.

What is industrialization?

This process is proceeding rapidly, based on the development of new production technologies (especially in metallurgy and the energy sector). The process of industrialization affects the development of society, changing it, changing people's perception of the world, attitudes towards innovations in science and the result of labor. The ongoing growth of industrial production, as a rule, increases the incomes of the working population, which leads to an increase in the market of services and increases the welfare of the people as a whole, improving purchasing power inside and outside the country. This, in turn, stimulates investment, leading to a steady economic growth of the state.

A bit of history

Industrialization (or industrial revolution) first occurred in England in the 19th century. France becomes industrialized much later - in the early 20s of the last century. In Russia, the industrialization process occurs at the end of the 19th - beginning of the 20th century. In the Land of the Soviets, it was carried out in the 30s of the last century and meant the elimination of the backwardness of the economic and energy, the rapid growth of heavy industrial production in the country.

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