What is imax?

Anna Bazarova
Anna Bazarova
February 4, 2015
What is imax?

Today, the business industry of cinema is developing rapidly. The spectator, for example, can’t be surprised by the standard 2d format of the show, more and more often the sessions in the cinema are offered in 3d format with special glasses, which provide, while watching, a sense of volume and realism of what is happening. However, the most important thing, due to which the viewing of the film turns into a fascinating spectacle - this is a series of technologies based on the Aimax system. In this article, we describe in detail what imax is.

IMAX system

Aymaks (English imax) is translated from English literally as "maximum image". IMAX is a wide-format cinema system based on which a number of cinema screening technologies are based and a large network of cinemas around the world is built.

The format of the system was developed in the early 70s by the Canadian corporation of the same name. The main advantage of Aymaks technology is the use of a 70mm wide perforated film with a longitudinal film frame. A large image area thus has the largest capacity of frame information,that allows you to build screens in cinemas in sizes many times larger than other cinematographic systems.

Unlike other cinemas, in cinemas equipped with an IMAX technology system, the screen width exceeds the length of the auditorium. Due to this, the size of the displayed picture on the screen exceeds the viewer's field of view, wherever he sits in the hall. Thanks to the Aymaks system, when viewing a movie, the borders of the portrayed become virtually unobtrusive, which provides the viewer with the maximum immersive effect that is most felt when watching 3D movies.


There are several varieties of Aymax display technology, for example, IMAX DOME, IMAX HD, IMAX 3D, etc. We’ll talk more about the latter and learn imax 3d: what is this format.

In fact, any image in 3d format is achieved by using a dual movie camera. Two technologies are used to show 3d movies at IMAX cinemas:

  1. Requires simultaneous operation of two identical film projectors. With this technology, a polarization method (based on transverse radiation waves) is used to obtain stereo images. Filters are installed on the lenses of film projectors, due to which the image for the left and right eyes is localized in mutually perpendicular planes.
  2. The second technology is designed to use the projection of the image with a double frequency - 48 frames per second.

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