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In the computer industry, there is a hugethe number of different genres, the definition of which falls under this or that project. For example, a turn-based strategy is a game in which a player alternates moves with other players or with artificial intelligence, and a shooter is a project in which you have to move a lot and shoot at opponents. In general, the classification is generally accepted and well-established, it has a large number of a wide variety of genres, so that any gamer can determine what he likes best, and then determine what to play, depending on his preferences. Horror - this is also a genre, which is used in this not only to computer games, but also to movies, books and other works. In this article, you will learn what horror is about exactly computer games, and also be able to choose for yourself the project that you like best.

Games in the genre horror

what is horror

Most likely, you already have an idea aboutWhat is horror, because this term became popular even before the first computer games appeared. In the cinema films in the horror genre have been made for many years, and the meaning of this word is extremely simple. The fact that it went from the English word horror, which in Russian means "horror" - very often you can hear that in Russian horror films are called horror films. Accordingly, this genre includes those projects whose purpose is to frighten the viewer, reader or gamer. Fear is inherent in absolutely all people, but they are constantly trying to somehow manifest it indirectly, that is, watching movies or spending time in games. It would seem that fear is a negative emotion, but many people like to tickle their nerves, so horror films are so popular. Of course, no less popular and the game in the genre of horror, which will be further discussed. Even if you did not realize what horror is, now you just know it. But one thing is to know in theory, and the other is to try in practice. Therefore, now you will get acquainted with the best projects in the history of the game industry, falling under the genre of horror, and then you can decide for yourself whether you want to even play such games, and if so, what exactly do you like more.

Survival Horror

horror games on the PC

If we are talking about what is a horror incomputer games, then first of all comes to one quite specific subgenre - survail horror. As the name implies, the main character here has to survive in difficult conditions. This can be a zombie attack, as in Resident Evil, and androids with strangers, as in Alien: Isolation, and other all kinds of horrible creatures, for example, as in one of the strongest and most famous projects - Silent Hill. All these games are joined together by a depressing atmosphere of fear, as well as an eternal fear for their lives, because you are always given very little. There are few objects that can improve your health, few cartridges with which you could shoot animals, there is not enough time to make the right decision. And all this makes this genre one of the most popular in principle - it most of all tickles the nerves of gamers, makes them constantly in fear, incredibly raises the level of adrenaline, and even scares various sudden moments. However, horror games on PCs are not limited to survayvalom - there are other projects that you should pay attention to.

Psychological horror

genre horror

This subgenre is very similar to the survailhorror, but here the emphasis is on fear and an eerie atmosphere - in most cases, all weapons are removed from the game, so you can not resist all the terrible things that hunt you. In some games, you only need to wade through the levels, trying to hide in time from the monster or, conversely, as soon as possible to escape from it. In general, the atmosphere plays a huge role here, because there are not so many actions in such games. And if they are, in most cases they represent the solution of any problems or the search for objects. It's a horror game on a PC for an amateur, because not everyone wants to tear their nerves, constantly being under oppression and pressure.

Action Horror

 passing of horror

The complete opposite of psychological horrorsis an action-horror. In these games you have to fight with various monsters and creatures with all available weapons. Most of the atmosphere here is not so much - the genre of horror games implies the gamer's fright, but such projects are not always frightening. Naturally, there are similar elements here, but the emphasis is on fighting the enemy and his extermination.

Horror Shooters

horror on pc

A huge popularity and found shooters, in whichthere are elements of horror. The genre horror itself did not mean mixing with the shooters, but it happened, and the result was simply magnificent. Starting with the good old Undead, in which any monster could fall on your head at any time from the ceiling, and ending with the Dead Space trilogy, which gained world fame and became one of the best in history. In such games you will not have a shortage of cartridges, as in the survival horror, but there will be full of various creatures and creatures that vary depending on the theme of the game itself. Naturally, your goal is still survival - the passing of horrors always revolves around this subject, but in this subgenre you should still play the role of a fighting machine, rather than a frightened character who hides around corners and saves cartridges.

Other horror games

The horror on the PC is so diverse that the subgenres forthere are a lot of them. There are horror quests that differ from the usual eerie setting, there are visual novels in the genre of horror, where you practically do not have to do anything - just enjoy the exciting story told to you by the creators and make important decisions on which the future development of the game will depend. There are even role-playing games with horror elements or stealth horror - in general, developers are doing their best to make nerves themselves tickled by fans of any genre.

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