What is grounding?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
January 25, 2015
What is grounding?

Grounding is a special connection between the electrical point and the grounding device itself. Grounding for electrical installations is necessary for the safety of human life from electric shock.

Let's see what is grounding and what is it for.

Types of grounding

There are two types of grounding in operation:

  1. These are, as a rule, electrically conductive parts of equipment cases that are connected to zero, in other words, "zeroing" is performed. That is, when a phase hits an electrical device case, a short circuit is obtained and, due to "zeroing out", the machine turns off under the metering panel.
  2. The second principle is the grounding of the electrical appliance housing. In the case of a phase hitting the body, due to grounding, which passes through the body of the electric device and to the ground, the phase is retracted from the person to the ground, respectively, the person does not hit with current, which means life will be saved.

Why not be content with simple automata? Because even the fastest machine has its own response time, which means there is a chance of an electric shock.

Each appliance has its own electrical wiring insulation. Sometimes under the circumstances, this electrical wiring can come in an unsuitable state, which, in turn, leads to failure of electrical equipment, and otherwise to electric shock. This grounding is designed to protect people from these hazards.


Suppose there is an electric stove or a washing machine. These devices are a potential hazard as they come into contact with water, and water is an excellent conductor. So, somehow our body of the device passed electrical potential. If there is no grounding, then when touched a person can get an electric shock. But the electrical potential may not do any harm if everything happens in a dry place on the current-carrying surface. For electric shock to occur, a difference in electrical potential must occur. Such a difference occurs when in a wet room or on a metal surface. The same can happen if you touch conductive elements, such as a water pipe.

It is the grounding devices saves human life. If you ground the case of the device (in most cases it’s sockets and batteries with current), then the charge that appears on the case (even static) instantly flows to the ground and, therefore, removes the danger.

With a stronger damage to the insulation and hit the phase on the device, there is a short circuit that triggers the automatic disconnection.

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