What is good plasma?

Natalya Chekanova
Natalya Chekanova
March 27, 2013
What is good plasma?

The selection of televisions is huge now. Manufacturers, competing with each other, vied with each other to praise their goods. What to do lost in the abundance of customers? Let's try to understand the advantages of plasma TVs and find out how good the plasma is?

What is plasma

The prototype of a plasma display was invented in the early 1960s, and was of the same color. Color display was released in 1992.

The basis of this display is the ability of special phosphors to glow under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. It is a consequence of an electric discharge in a rarefied gas (plasma). The plasma panel consists of cells filled with gas from electrodes enclosed between two glass panels.

When choosing a means of transmission of the image focuses on the quality of the picture. And this is one of the greatest strengths of the plasma panel.

Image quality components

Saturation and color accuracy. Ability to transfer up to 29 billion colors.

High optical resolution.When transferring dark scenes, it is guaranteed not a dark mass, but a deep black color. Quality and image of white.

No flicker. Even fans of TV programs will not experience eye strain.

Due to the fast pixel response time, high smoothness of motion transmission is provided, without image delay.


What is good plasma yet? For fans of home screenings, the plasma panel is indispensable. These TVs have a large screen size - more than a meter (42, 50 and even 63 inches), which gives the so-called presence effect.

A widescreen image with a 16x9 screen aspect ratio allows to reproduce the picture with minimal distortion.

A large viewing angle (at least 170 degrees) in all directions allows you to watch TV from different points without loss of quality and contrast of the image.

The screen thickness of not more than 20 cm makes the panel compact and allows you to hang it on the wall.

Other options

Direct competitor of plasma panels - liquid crystal. They possess many positive qualities. But why plasma is better than LCD screens? First, a higher definition image.And secondly, larger plasma panels are cheaper.

But the energy consumption of plasma is somewhat higher, and the weight is more due to the glass panels. In addition, early models were very hot, and therefore had several fans that create noise. Now these deficiencies are eliminated by the manufacturers, and the noise level does not exceed the allowable one.

An important aspect is plasma durability. To serve this miracle of technology will on average be 30 thousand hours (about 10 years when the television is operated up to 8 hours per day).

If you are going to purchase a plasma panel, use our description of the advantages of such a TV.

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