What is good Android?

The Android operating system is currently the only mobile platform created based on Linux. She turned the world of mobile gadgets, seriously clinging to the wall clumsy and expensive communicators on Windows Mobile, Symbian and IOS.

The popularity of Android OS continues to grow literally every day. Almost every month we hear about the release of dozens of new devices running this operating system. In this article we will try to highlight what Android is good for and what has become the key to its popularity.

Open platform

A huge advantage of the Android OS can be considered an open platform. This operating system has open codes, which allows literally everyone to modify it, create certain assemblies, “write” software ... An important aspect is that Android is free, which is why many Chinese companies have “grabbed” it and started installing it on their products.

Constant updates

Android developers are much more likely than other representatives of the operating system market to release updates, new shells, software products.This suggests that the Android OS is developing by leaps and bounds. Developers do not stop at their accomplishments and strive to make their product better and better.

No binding to content shops

As you know, a specialized Google Play store has been created for Android, which has collected hundreds of thousands of applications and games for Android devices. Despite this, consumers are not obliged to use only the service sounded above. They can download software products anywhere, recording them in the form of special archives. In general, such a number of applications as for Android, perhaps, is not created for any existing OS. This is especially true if we talk about what is better: Android or Windows. For a device running Android, you can easily find programs of almost any kind, which has a positive effect on the functionality of Android smartphones and tablets.

Replacing system applications

In other OSs, it is far from always possible to replace certain system applications. Android also allows you to almost simply get rid of software products that you do not like, or replace them with alternative ones.Even if you wish, you can even change the standard SMS messenger to a more progressive, in your opinion, product.


The Android operating system has an incredibly flexible desktop, which is not the hard and primitive in this respect, iOS and Windows Phone. On Android, you can literally do whatever you want with a desktop, thanks to a number of settings. In addition, this OS has special wrappers that you can freely change on your device. In a word, Android is the maximum of freedom both in the external design and in the program "life".

Sync with google

As you know, Android is an operating system closely integrated with Google services. This helps a lot if you actively use Google Mail, contacts, photos, schedules ... In addition, Android provides convenient access to many Google entertainment services, such as Google Talk, Youtube, etc.


The Android operating system provides decent multitasking. Due to this, you can run and use several applications on your device at the same time. It is difficult to say how many tasks the Android can “pull”, since everything depends on the hardware capabilities of a particular tablet or smartphone.

Huge selection of manufacturers

Why Android is better than Windows phone, BlackberryOS and iOS, it’s also because tens of manufacturers use it. This does not limit the potential buyer to specific brands. So, for example, you will find iOS only on Apple devices, and BlackberryOS only on smartphones of the same name. The Windows Phone list is a bit wider, but, nevertheless, it’s quite far from Android. In turn, Android-smartphones and tablets are produced by all and sundry. With the same success running this operating system, both the low-cost Alcatel for $ 90-100 and the ultra-modern HTC and Samsung Galaxy work. Due to this, Android becomes available to users with any financial capabilities. To say this about iOS or Windows Phone does not turn the language, given the minimum cost of the devices running under these operating systems.

In general, I must say that Android is a platform for the Internet. Offline, it has a fairly average functionality, but everything changes when you connect to the network. Therefore, using tablets and smartphones running this OS without having unlimited mobile Internet or WI-FI points is, if not a sin, then at least the wrong approach to the capabilities of devices.

Now you know what Android is good for. It remains to analyze once again all the pros and cons and make your choice.We hope it will be correct, and you will get maximum pleasure from using the new gadget.

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