What is furniture?

Perhaps the most obvious classification of furniture - by appointment. So, there is furniture for the living room, bedroom, kitchen, hallway, bathroom or nursery. The same classification includes the division into less common furniture for a pantry, dining room, gazebo, garden, attic, office or educational institutions.

Type of furniture case

Another of the very famous and very important classifications of what furniture is, is the type of case. So, the most common are cabinet and soft furniture.

  • Everything is clear: cabinet furniture incorporates only rigid parts. Traditionally, such furniture includes cabinets, dressers, wardrobes, tables, cabinets, dressing tables, etc. The same group includes stools, benches and chairs without soft seats.
  • It is logical to belong to the upholstered furniture furnishings containing soft parts in their structure. It is important to understand that items that have rigid parts (for example, chairs and beds with wooden legs and backs), if their main functions depend on the quality of the soft parts (for example, seats and mattresses), are considered to be representatives of upholstered furniture.

The most important types of upholstered furniture are sofas, armchairs, beds and ottomans.One of the types of sofas that often belong to a special group are the corners. Their shape is very diverse (the letter P, left or right side of the letter T and more complex shapes) and repeats the internal dimensions and shape of the walls of the room to create maximum comfort and save the greatest possible amount of free space in the apartment or office.

These types of furniture are also complemented by other types of enclosures.

So, there is a modular furniture and furniture-transformer.

  • Modular furniture is a set of individual elements that can be positioned relative to each other in almost any combination convenient for the owner. Even if the furniture case is completely rigid, it still refers specifically to modular, and not to cabinet furniture (thereby emphasizing the ability to configure the interior, created with the help of such things, as comfortable as possible).
  • Furniture-transformer has evolved markedly since it was possible to buy only a chair-bed and an awkward table-book 15-20 years ago. Today's models are available in a very wide range.So, one piece of furniture can, for example, perform the function of a desk and a screen, and then turn into a comfortable bed. In another building, a high rack, a small table and a comfortable sofa can be safely combined. Thus, such furniture, firstly, provides comfort in your home, and secondly, thanks to its versatility, it saves space (a single item that performs three functions takes less space than three different enclosures).

Children's furniture

Mentioning the types of children's furniture, it is important not to forget about gaming furniture. This furniture is necessary for the harmonious development of the younger body. So, this includes various small tables and chairs, objects that mimic the interior of a kitchen, a doctor’s office, a shop counter, etc., so that children can play role-playing games. This also includes sports areas where the child can develop physically. Soft play furniture for the youngest children belongs to this group.

Bunk beds, desks or desks, children's wardrobes and dressers, which are sized for a child's height, can be attributed to the standard original children's furniture.

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