What is flood and what is it used for?

Many inexperienced Internet users are wondering: “What is flood?” This article will help you to deal with this not quite clear definition. In the world wide web there are many such seemingly absurd words. But there is no general dictionary of all the concepts that make up the slang of Internet users on the network. Therefore, sometimes you have to look for authentic information on various portals. From this article you will learn what flood is and where it is used.

what is flood

What lies behind the word "flood"

Flood is a slang definition of continuously flowing information. In the English dictionary, this word is written as follows: flood, and translates as "flood" or "flood." Internet users are accustomed to call flooding a large amount of homogeneous or unrelated information, which seems to be flooding the forums, chat rooms, personal correspondence and, thus, interferes with normal communication. As you understand, such a phenomenon cannot be called positive, therefore a ban is awarded for it. And in general, flood is a bad and already obsolete way of presenting information.You can say it is no longer fashionable. Ban - a kind of punishment that will help limit the source of flooding. Moderators thus prohibit the malicious offender to continue their actions.


The above definition helps to know what a flood is in its usual manner. But there is another kind of this phenomenon. Let's look at the most common or, if you prefer, popular application of flood:

flood it

  1. The usual. If you have ever visited forums or various chats, then you probably watched the usual flood. When a person, experiencing an acute lack of attention to his person, tries to get what he wants with this very flood, namely, to be noticed. Some simply take pleasure in spoiling the mood of other users with an endless stream of unnecessary information.
  2. Post. Were your mailing advertisements from incomprehensible companies? As a rule, such letters contain delusional information leading to the extortion of funds.
  3. Hacking application. Flood, in addition to the activities of not quite adequate personalities, can be used in the black deeds of burglars and similar persons.What is a flood for hackers? This is a massive flow of information on one server, which leads to a large load for it. DOS attacks (second name) are still used today.

flood program


As you probably already understood, the usual use of flooding can be carried out without the use of additional software. After all, everyone will be able to collect a bunch of meaningless text with their own hands. In mass use, a special program for flooding is needed, which will automatically perform this action. On the Internet, they are in huge numbers and are mostly hosted on free file-sharing services.


Now that you know what flood is, your vocabulary has been added to another definition for Internet slang. Sometimes this information can be useful, for example, in online games. But do not abuse this phenomenon, so as not to develop a nasty, if not more, habit.

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