What is error?

Today, the user has to deal with many different errors. These errors can concern both the computer, and computer games, programs. Also, errors often occur when working with the global network. In this article we will try to tell the user what errors in the computer sphere exist, and also tell you how you can find out the solution to the problem using an error code. In other words, we will explain what error is and how to deal with it.

Various errors and methods of dealing with them

So consider.

Blue screen of death

This fatal error is also known as black screen. Usually it indicates that the hard disk has failed. At the same time, it may indicate damage to the motherboard and processor in particular. In this case, you should check the hard drive for performance by connecting it to another motherboard, you can also check the performance of the motherboard by connecting it to a new power supply. As a rule, to eliminate such an error, the intervention of specialists is required. Read more about this in the article Why a blue screen appears.

Error during startup and during gameplay

Games can often hang, crash or even not run. A common cause of this problem is a problem with the video card. It is also possible discrepancy between the characteristics of the computer and game requirements. In this case, the user can reconfigure the game to enable it at medium or minimum performance. However, sometimes the problem may have a deeper character. You can read about this in the article What to do if the game does not start.

Errors with programs

The software also requires certain resources from the computer, updated drivers. And sometimes the computer is able to notify the user about the causes of the error. For example, a rundll error or an autorun error indicates that the so-called distribution kit, which is responsible for starting the program for some reason, turned out to be faulty. To solve the problem, simply use the setup file, which should be located in the program folder.

If the computer reported an error setup error, then you need to use the autorun file.

Other errors

You can talk a lot about errors in the network, so we’ll describe next two common errors that an ordinary user encounters.The most common is the so-called error 404. It indicates that the page that the user is looking for is not found or does not exist. The solution to this problem is quite simple - just check the address bar. If the correct address was entered in it, then, most likely, the page was simply deleted or the entire site is not functioning.

Also a very common mistake is a redirection error, which has several codes. For example, 301, 302, 303, 305 and 307. As a result of this error, the user can not go to another site or another page of the site. Usually this problem cannot be solved by the user, and in case of its occurrence it is recommended to try again to follow the link.

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