What is equality?

December 19, 2014
What is equality?

The concept of "equality", which we often encounter in science and life, has several meanings. What is equality in the conventional sense? This is above all a similarity, a complete similarity of objects in various parameters: quality, size, dignity. For example, they talk about equality of rights, equality of forces, equality of education, equality of votes.

  • In mathematics, this is a ratio between several quantities, which shows that one of the quantities is equal to the other. That is, to put an equal sign means to recognize equivalence, to equalize (definition according to Ozhegov). So, speaking of the geometric equality of triangles, there is a view of their coincidence in some parameters: length, height, area. And in algebraic vision, equality is an expression of two parts, each other being equal. Moreover, the concept that is valid for all incoming values ​​is an identity, and only for some is the equation.
  • In a social context, equality is a social structure, as a result of which all its members have the same status.Social equality presupposes the existence of the same rights and obligations for citizens - participants of management: to participate in elections, to work, to rest and education, to allocate resources. But equality of opportunity implies equality before the law for all participants in the social process who have reached a certain age.
  • From the point of view of political science and economics, equality presupposes the same attitude of people towards the means of production of society (not equalization in terms of household and personal needs, but the destruction of the concept of “class”). Perhaps that is why one of the slogans of the French bourgeois revolution already in 1789 was “equality” in the generally accepted sense of the word.

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