What is an ensemble?

Anna Piskunova
Anna Piskunova
January 25, 2015
What is an ensemble?

Saying the word “ensemble, we involuntarily fall into the musical-poetic world, the world of architecture and culture, which so vividly manifested itself in France. From there, this word came to us, which literally means “totality, harmonious whole”. What is an ensemble? An ensemble is a set of parts united by the principle of consistency in a single whole or forming something whole.

But not only in the artistic sphere there are ensembles as the embodiment of harmony, balance, symmetry and rigor, coherence and unity. In exact sciences, they also find a place for themselves. For example, in physics they talk about a statistical ensemble, which is a variegated palette of all possible states of a physical system corresponding to a particular selected parameter, and in probability theory about an ensemble as an unlimited number of realizations of a random function.

In everyday life, we can also use the word "ensemble" when, for example, we are talking about the selection of clothes and shoes.In this case, a properly combined ensemble is the epitome of elegance, "reasonable beauty."

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