What is energy?

Alina Alexandrova
Alina Alexandrova
January 22, 2013
What is energy?

In fact, all that is in nature and all that surrounds us is energy. We are humans themselves clots of energy. However, let's still understand in more detail.

What is energy? Energy is activity, action, power. And this is not all definitions of energy. Energy is a single measure of various forms of movements, a measure of the transition of the movement of matter from one form to another. The law of conservation of energy came up with Aristotle. The law is as follows: energy is conserved over time. But, provided that the physical system is closed. Energy, from the point of view of the fundamental system, is a magnitude conserved when moving, associated with a one-time nature - according to Noether’s theorem. The dependence of energy and mass is expressed in the famous Einstein formula. Einstein created the theory of relativity. The formula is as follows: E = m * c2, where E is the energy of the system, m is its mass, c is the speed of light.

What types of energy are there? A huge number of species:

  • kinetic
  • gravitational
  • mechanical
  • electric
  • electromagnetic
  • chemical
  • nuclear
  • thermal
  • vacuum
  • internal
  • blast energy
  • potential.

Hypothetically, there is another kind of energy. It is called dark.

Energy is everywhere. If a person does not eat for several days, he will not have energy and will become weak. There are still a lot of scientists unknown. All the greatest discoveries await us ahead.

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