What is dissociation?

Kate flower
Kate flower
March 7, 2015
What is dissociation?

In the modern world there are many different terms. Most of them mean identical processes occurring in various fields. Some processes have to be divided into types, as the principle of action varies depending on conditions, as happens, for example, with the term "dissociation". Let us consider in more detail what is dissociation.

If we generalize the meaning of the word "dissociation", then we can describe it in two words - dissolution, decomposition. In Latin, there is the term dissociatio, which means "separation." It was he who became the progenitor of today's word.

Dissociation is used in several areas. For example, in physical chemistry and biochemistry, there are two types of dissociation. Both types mean decomposition of complex chemical compounds into molecules and components.

  • Electrolytic dissociation. It is a decomposition process in which the electrolyte molecules decompose into ions under the influence of solvent molecules.
  • Thermal dissociation.Occurs when the substance is heated or cooled.

In psychology, they also distinguish dissociation, which means the mechanism of psychological protection from experiences. This may be psychogenic amnesia, as well as many other diseases that are included in the group of dissociative disorders.

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