What is contusion?

What is contusion?

  1. contusion is a temporary loss of coordination
  2. a concussion is a bruise to your boyfriend complication after a meningitis. With it or this to make anything it is impossible.
  3. Contusion - is when the impact is on the entire body, such as an explosion.
  4. (from Latin contusio - contusion, contusion), a pathological condition that arises from the bruise of the entire surface of the body or most of it when exposed to a shock air wave, explosion. It is possible for K. and with massive masses of loose bodies - sand, gravel, small stones (in case of landslides) or bruises of water (with an underwater explosion). When C. develop general disorders associated with protective inhibition in the central nervous system, as a response to an exceptionally violent stimulation of numerous nerve endings in the skin and soft tissues (reflex fields). First of all, loss of consciousness is characteristic of K.. The duration of e depends on the severity of K. and can last from a few minutes and hours to a day or more. At the same time, dangerous disorders can arise in the vital functions of the body - respiration and cardiac activity, up to the coma. External signs of damage in the case of K. may be insignificant or absent altogether. However, this does not indicate the degree and severity of K., since at the same time, severe injuries of the internal organs (liver, kidneys, stomach, etc.), fractures of the extremities, ribs, craniocerebral trauma are possible.

    After the return of consciousness, severe headaches, nausea and vomiting (regardless of food intake), dizziness, especially when turning the head, amnesia, hearing and speech impairment are noted. The most severe hearing impairment, up to and including loss of it, is possible with barotrauma. The consequence of severe cancer is long-remaining fatigue, poor health, and increased irritability.

    The most difficult is the K. brain, which is characterized by the development of both general disorders (loss of consciousness, violation of breathing, circulation, etc.), and related to the localization of the lesion of the brain tissue.

    When the concussion focus is located in the region of the anterior and posterior central convolutions of the left temporal lobe of the brain, movement disorders, sensitivity, speech, hearing, vision, etc. occur. The brain can be accompanied by a hemorrhage and compression of the brain tissue from blood flowing from the cerebral blood vessels, a complication is a brain drain. As a consequence of the K. brain may be in the late period epileptiform seizures.

    Treatment. The victims need complete rest, emergency medical care and urgent hospitalization. In the future, with persistent violations of movement (paresis, paralysis), therapeutic exercise is performed, speech disturbance - speech therapy and other special medical measures.

  5. Contusion (Latin contusio contusion) is a general damage to the body due to a sharp mechanical effect (air, water or sound wave, impact on the ground or water, etc.), which is not necessarily accompanied by mechanical damage to organs and tissues. A characteristic sign of concussion is loss of consciousness (up to coma). In mild cases, consciousness is lost for several minutes, in severe cases for several days and even months. The consequences of concussion are various from temporary loss of hearing, sight, speech with subsequent complete or partial restoration of them to severe mental disorders.

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