What is consultation?

Anna Piskunova
Anna Piskunova
May 15, 2015
What is consultation?

Information has always had power over a person, and now it has also been learned to sell. So, contacting a lawyer or psychologist with a specific question, you will certainly have to pay for advice. Let us consider in more detail what consultation is.

In the case of a lawyer or a psychologist, the consultation is the advice given by the expert on any matter. It may be paid services in private or provided by the organization, or it may be an attempt to resolve personal difficulties in different areas on a social grant basis, that is, free of charge. The same free consultations can also be carried out in the educational environment, when, for example, the student needs additional clarification of the material being studied. Then the teacher, either individually or in class, provides counseling for students.

The original use of the word "consultation" goes back to the scientific community, and then we are talking about the discussion of any issue by experts.To date, this value is considered to be obsolete and little used.

In addition, consultation is not only a conversation or advice, built in a certain way, but also an institution for the provision of services. For example, it may be a female consultation, where gynecological services are provided to girls and women.

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