What is caliber?

December 19, 2014
What is caliber?

When buying a weapon, you can hear a conversation about the caliber, in addition, this word often flashes on TV and is also associated with weapons. In addition, the word "caliber" has many other meanings.

Let's take a closer look at what caliber is, where the word came from and what it means in different areas of life.

What does the word "caliber" mean?

The word "caliber" has many meanings and is used not only in the weapons business, but also in many other areas:

  • Caliber is the internal diameter of the pipe or the external diameter of the wire or rod. It is from here that the meaning of the word "caliber" in the arms case went. In this case, the term refers to the diameter of the stem;
  • Also called caliber counting size. The larger the caliber, the smaller the size and vice versa. Thus indicate the size on the packaging of vegetables and fruits, as well as cartridges;
  • Caliber is also an old measurement system, which is 254 microns;
  • A caliber is also a tool to measure something;
  • The word "caliber" is also found in the manufacture of watches. The term refers to the diameter of the platinum round hours. In Switzerland, for example, the caliber of a clock is measured in lines;
  • "Caliber" is also the name of the Russian missile system.

The word itself came to us from different languages, for example, from French. Also the word is found in Italian and Arabic.

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