What is bergamot?

Alexander Yulin
Alexander Yulin
July 16, 2012
What is bergamot?

Bergamot is a citrus plant derived from Chinese bitter orange in Bergamo (Italy). And so the name of this fruit. Bergamot is an evergreen tree, and can reach 10 meters in height!

The fruits of bergamot are spherical or pear-shaped, in structure resemble an orange or lemon, have a pleasant, slightly sour taste.

Let's take a closer look at what is bergamot, how it is useful, how it was used before and where it is used now.

How is bergamot used?

Bergamot fruits.Bergamot oil.In Europe, bergamot began to grow in Calabria (Italian province). One of the first bergamot began to use perfumers from France, who added it to the perfume to give them more vitality. Also, bergamot was popular in Italy in the 14th century, where cologne was made from it on the basis of essential oil. And today, bergamot has not lost its popularity in cosmetology and perfumery.

Nowadays, bergamot is cultivated in China, Italy, India, in the Caucasus, in the Black Sea countries.Bergamot produces fruits that look like citrus fruits, lemons and oranges.

Tea with bergamot.Bergamot is made with tea, and where it grows, candied fruit and marmalade are made from it.

The benefits of bergamot

  • It has certain medicinal properties, so bergamot is used in medicine, as before. German doctors used it to treat many diseases in the XVII century.
  • It was used as a substitute for antiseptic, when the antibiotic has not yet been opened. Bergamot was cut, and the pieces were applied to damage.
  • Now, as before, bergamot is used to treat colds and viral diseases, to increase immunity, as well as to improve sexual function.
  • Bergamot can soothe, relieve cramps, improve digestion.
  • Regular consumption of tea with bergamot will help cleanse the skin. When applied topically, bergamot oil will also help get rid of age spots, acne, and narrow pores.
  • Tea with bergamot will relieve from stress and fatigue, relieve tension.

Impact of bergamot on the human condition

  • Stabilizes emotional state and psyche. Bergamot oil will help get rid of anxiety and fear.
  • Promotes concentration of attention, clarifies thinking.
  • Is invigorating. For those who do not wake up in the morning, it is useful to use a shower gel with bergamot.
  • Headache with bergamot and grape seed oil helps with headaches. Massaging the abdomen with bergamot oil will increase appetite and improve digestion.

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