What is batik?

A lot of things are able needlewomen around the world, but the batik, though simple technique, but not subject to all. Many times you can watch how these magnificent paintings and scarves are made, but also be able to repeat yourself. There are a lot of subtleties in this case. Therefore, beginners must first learn what batik. In short, it is drawing on the fabric with paints and brushes, fixing the picture, the ability to use the picture in everyday life, in the form of various things and clothing items. Batik can be hot, cold, nodular, free, die, shibori, etc. It is necessary to begin with the simplest methods, gradually mastering complex ones.

Materials and tools

From materials to beginners it will be required, first of all, fabric. When you succumb to at least one batik technique, then you can try working with special silk, but from the very beginning it’s better not to glam and take on any solid chintz, it’s better to choose thinner. Also for the manufacture of batik fit chiffon, crepe de Chine, satin, batiste, fine linen and wool.

Next, you need to buy special dyes for fabric, and you can take special dyes for batik in the store for artists.For mixing colors you can buy a palette, and you can use small jars and plates.

It is better to take brushes soft, from squirrel, a column. If you have to paint large parts of the fabric, then buy foam rubber tampons (sponges), cotton swabs are suitable for small sections of the design and for thin lines. For hot batik over time, get hard bristle brushes.

To work with silk will need a frame to secure the fabric. If not, use the hoop. And later it is better to put together an ordinary square from a bar, it will be possible to fasten the fabric with buttons.

Cold batik

This is the easiest way to make batik. All types of batik require you to prepare a cloth - wash it and stretch it onto a frame in a moist form. Pencil draw the picture, if he is satisfied, then you can circle it with a marker.

For cold batik, it is necessary to prepare a reserving compound of paraffin, gasoline and glue. It can also be bought ready-made in a specialty store. The composition is typed in a glass tube with a curved thin edge, and is applied to the fabric along the contour of the pattern. One condition - each line of reserve must be closed.After the reserving composition has dried, you can begin to color all the internal parts of the drawing. Take a brush, dip in the paint, then touch it to the middle of the circled part. The paint will spread itself, with greater details it will be necessary to touch the fabric a few more times. If you have correctly applied the reserve and dried it, then the main paint for it will not be able to go, the drawing will be clear and smooth.

After that, the batik will need to be dried, remove the fabric from the frame, fix the paint according to its instructions (hot iron or steam). Then rinse the product in warm water with soap and vinegar.

Hot batik

For this type of batik it will be necessary to prepare white paraffin candles. We act with the fabric in the same way - we stretch it on the frame, apply the picture. We melt 2-3 candles with the addition of rosin (1-4 g), keep the composition hot, take the brushes and paint on the fabric, just draw the outline of the future drawing. Then you can take paint and paint the middle parts. Then the fabric dries, it is put on the newspaper, paraffin is brought onto it with a hot iron.

Nodular batik

Fabric, paint, thread and small things - this is what is needed for batik nodular method.In the bucket we dilute the dye, we boil it, at this time we dress up the thing prepared for batik in many places. There, the paint will not fall where it will be drawn, so the fabric will acquire a light tone in the places of the waist and a dark tone in the other places. The drawings are very diverse and very beautiful.

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