What is autorun software?

Startup programs allow you to runapplication when booting the operating system. This is a great tool for creating personalized settings for each user. With this function, you can select several utilities that will always work in the background, for example, it can be ICQ or Skype, mail-agent or Nero. It is important that the antivirus is loaded with the OS, since the computer should not remain unprotected, even if it does not have an Internet connection, the infection can occur from removable media or even from a CD-ROM.

Automatic start of programs should be correcttune. It is not necessary to leave every installed utility running in the background, it significantly slows down the computer and prolongs the boot time. At the same time, part of the resources is spent on the work of unnecessary utilities. Therefore, using autorun programs should be meaningful. Most applications independently register themselves in the database of automatic downloads, and many users simply do not know how to disable them.

autorun programs
In order to get rid of unnecessary programs,you need to write the command "msconfig" in the "Run" line. In the "Start" menu it is necessary to find this field, record and press the "Enter" key. On the desktop, the program window for creating autoloading services and programs appears. To exclude the utility from the autostart, you must go to the "Startup" tab. The window will show a list of all programs with their location on the disk.

Autorun programs are configured bysetting / unmarking in front of the utility name. It is recommended to remove the tick next to the names of those applications that are not needed, but if you met unfamiliar names, it is better to be safe and refer to search engines. Disabling the necessary programs and services can lead to a malfunction of the operating system or its complete minimization.

On the Services tab, you can also excludeautostart unnecessary. Disabling some services can lead to a breakdown of the computer, so you can not automatically create an autorun, you need to understand the functional features of each and then turn it off.

autoloading programsIn addition, autorun programs will help to addthe necessary programs in the list of utilities downloaded with the operating system. If the setting is for Windows 7, you must open a folder called "Startup" and add a shortcut to the utility that you want to run from the OS. You can find the folder in the "Start" menu on the "All Programs" tab. A program window appears, where the necessary utilities folder will be listed under the name "Startup".

automatic start of programs
It should be recalled that the autorun program -This is a fairly flexible configuration of the operating system and it should be used cautiously. In order for the computer to be always protected, it is necessary to periodically update the antivirus, and you can not exclude it from the list of automatic downloads. In the settings of the antivirus, it is recommended to specify commands for automatic scanning of removable media. Most modern protections involve such an opportunity, it should not be neglected. Thus, the probability of infection is reduced to zero.

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