What is attention?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
January 25, 2015
What is attention?

Attention is a mental process that ensures the concentration of a person’s consciousness on one or another object. Attention is an evolutionary aspect that has evolved from alertness, vigilance, readiness for action on the first signal. In this article we will examine in more detail what attention is and what it is for.Speaking in a more simple and understandable language, attention is the concentration of vision, hearing, or thoughts on an object or activity.

When a person is focused on a particular object, all other events become for him a kind of background, but the focus of attention can change quickly, and the background can dramatically turn into an object.

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Why does a person need attention?

Attention is necessary for a person to concentrate, and therefore, more accurate, clear and correct performance of any actions. Developing attention is very important, because a person who can concentrate on a specific task can achieve great results.

In addition, an attentive person, without even realizing it, ensures a safer life for himself than an inattentive person - it is easier for him to avoid accidents, domestic injuries, etc.

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Attention as a relation

The word "attention" is often used in the meaning - caring attitude. The phrase "draw attention", probably, heard each of us.

Examples of the use of the word

  • The time and diligent attention of Nina to Erast made her dream of the possibility of the happiness that her imagination and heart loved to do ... (P. I. Shalikov, "The Dark Grove, or a monument of tenderness").
  • Is it wise that Maria, adorned with such perfection, attracted the attention of young people ... (N. Mamyshev, "Ill-fated").
  • But the phenomenon of a simple peasant woman barely attracted the attention of a city dweller ... (V. V. Izmailov, "Beautiful Tatiana, who lives at the sole of the Sparrow Hills").

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