What is asymmetry?

January 13, 2015
What is asymmetry?

It is easier to explain everything what asymmetry is, through the concept of "symmetry". In the most general sense, symmetry means immutability. In a narrower sense, this is a regular arrangement of identical forms and parts of the body. Accordingly, asymmetry means the absence or violation of the immutability and regularity in the arrangement.

The use of the term "asymmetry"

Quite often, the word "asymmetry" is used in relation to visual objects when its two parts are not identical. Also, this term is used in the context of the description and creation of objects of art. In this case, symmetry is used as a shaping agent or composition.

The term “asymmetry” is also reflected in the world of wildlife. This is due to the process of permanent cell division in organisms. For some organisms, asymmetry brings tangible benefits, for example, the human heart is located on the left side, and therefore the left lung is slightly smaller than the right (to make room for the heart).But for some types of asymmetry is an indicator of unsuitability.

The word "asymmetry" can also be used with reference to architecture. Some architects deliberately use it in their design to move away from classical traditions.

In mathematics there are a number of scientific terms that include the characteristic "asymmetric".

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