What is art?

Sweet ice
Sweet ice
March 26, 2013
What is art?

Russian language is very rich. It is constantly updated. Often words are borrowed from other languages. The language is simplified, the words are shortened and become "fashionable." This is how the word “art” appeared in our language. Wondering what “art” is?

Custom "canvas"

Nowadays, the concept of "art" should be understood as "modern art." Due to the evolution of social aesthetic norms and assessments, any activity aimed at creating aesthetic and expressive norms can be called modern art.

The concept of "art" is a kind of art that goes beyond the usual limits of the framework.

Although for a long time it was believed that art is an extremely developed skill in any particular area that was supposed to introduce man to the beautiful.

Now, almost any person can translate any of his ideas into reality, and this will be considered as contemporary art.

For example, in Berlin at a road intersection spilled paint in several colors.By the evening, a colorful picture came out, which was rolled out by motorists who did not suspect that they left their mark on the modern art of their city.

So, “art” is a non-standard art that lives among us.

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