What is an exam?

Julia Bukatova
Julia Bukatova
March 18, 2015
What is an exam?

The word "exam" causes trepidation in the eyes of almost all students and schoolchildren. We will tell about the exam in more detail in the article.

What does the word "exam" mean

The exam is a Latin word, and first of all it translates as “arrow at the scales”, and only then as “test” and “assessment”. In the Russian school system, exams appeared in the era of Peter the Great Transformations. And despite the fact that the system has undergone a number of significant changes, exams still exist today.

In modern society, the word "exam" denotes the final form of assessment of knowledge. There are exams at school, institute, qualification, driving, military, etc. All types of exams combine common rules and traditions.

The main purpose of examinations is to summarize the results of training in a particular subject. Two parties always take part in the exam: the examiner (student) and the examiner (teacher or tutor). In addition, for any exam, whether a school test or test driving skills in the traffic police, its actual grade is inherent, most often in a point system.In case of unsuccessful passing of the exam, the examiner is always entitled to retake it.

It is interesting that during the years of examinations among the examinees, a whole series of signs and beliefs that they use to successfully pass the exam have been formed.

In everyday, colloquial speech, you can use the word "exam" in relation to the test, verification of someone else's knowledge.

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