What is an Android phone?

March 17, 2015
What is an Android phone?

Android is the operating system currently installed on tablets, phones, e-books, and so on. In the future, the manufacturer plans to support cars. The system works on the basis of the Linux kernel, which in its time was created as an alternative to Windows. You can read more about how Android works in devices in our article What is Android. And below describes what this system is in smartphones.

What is Android in the phone

Control system

Modern phones are no longer easy means of communication, they are multifunctional devices that can help organize the time of the owner, provide him access to the Internet, take a video / photo, etc.

The main task of the operating system with such a variety of tasks is to provide effective control over the processes occurring in the phone. Thus, Android is a virtual robot that controls the operation of hardware, installed programs and applications.

Convenient interlocutor

The latest versions of the system, in addition, allow us to recognize human speech and to respond flexibly to its commands. Clear and practical interface provides the convenience and versatility of your device.

Flexible Application Platform

A feature of this system is the ability to install a huge number of additional utilities and plug-ins and independently configure them for more efficient operation.

Evolving multi-functional operating system

Specialists from Google are constantly working to improve the quality of their offspring, so the updated versions of the system sin less and more with various errors, eliminate shortcomings, new opportunities appear.

The advantage of this platform lies in the huge variety of applications that successfully operate, providing the owner with additional amenities. So the phone turns into a fitness trainer, medical assistant, pocket office, financial advisor and even a personal psychologist.

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