What is a Tripyr

What is a tripper? So sometimes called gonorrhea - a very common disease, sexually transmitted. With it, almost all mucous membranes of the urogenital system, the eye mucosa, are affected. Also, a tripyr's disease can damage the intestines. Often its symptoms can be observed in the oral cavity.

What is a Tripyr

The causative agent of this disease isgonococcus. Recall that a tripra is a disease that is transmitted sexually. Of course, it is easier to get infected with unprotected sex. Infection is possible not only with normal sexual intercourse, but also with anal and oral. Less often it occurs by household way, for example, through a bast, bed, underwear and so on. The child can be infected from the mother at birth. In this case, a newborn can develop blindness.

What are the symptoms of a tripyr

The incubation period can last up to fifteen days. In some cases, the symptoms appear the day after the infection with the tripper.

In men, as a rule, appearpurulent-mucous discharge. They are almost always accompanied by severe itching. Typical pain is painful when urinating. Sometimes the allocation appears arbitrarily, and sometimes they can be observed only by pressing on the head of the penis. The opening of the outer canal blushes and coalesces. At night, painful erections may occur. It is worth noting that the general condition of the patient practically does not change. It is very rare to observe a slight increase in body temperature.

Approximately seventy percent of women do not feelsymptoms of gonorrhea. In all other cases, the disease is accompanied by purulent discharge. Inflammation of the sex glands is also possible. It is accompanied by swelling and pain.

What is gonorrhea and how dangerous is it? Let's note at once - the started disease leads to changes in genitals. This in the future can lead to infertility. Complications happen quite often. From the gonorrhea, even internal organs may suffer: kidneys, liver and so on. Gonorrhea can cause blood poisoning.


Precise diagnosis can only be done with the help ofresults of analyzes. What are the analyzes? This is primarily a smear from the urogenital tract - so you can determine the presence of gonococci.

Trepyrap Treatment

Self-diagnosis and self-treatment do notrecommended to anyone. What is a tripper? This is a serious enough disease to treat care negligently. At the first suspicious symptoms it is necessary to address to the doctor-venereologist.

During the treatment of the tripper, basic rules of personal hygiene must be observed. In no case can not squeeze out the pus that appears, since this can increase the rate of spread of the infection.

During treatment it is recommended to drink as much as possiblemore fluid. You can not eat spicy food, you have to abstain from alcohol. You can not visit swimming pools, and in general it is recommended not to overexert the body.

Antibiotics are used for the flow of the tripper. The most popular and common are cephalosporins and fluoroquinolones. You can not stop treatment in half, because you can be cured by going only the entire course. In the event that the treatment was wrong, acute gonorrhea can go into chronic.

After treatment, it is necessary to pass repeated tests for the presence of a causative agent of gonorrhea.

Prevention of the tripe

It is necessary to engage in only protected sex, andalso regularly undergo a survey from a venereologist. The disease is very common, do not be sure one hundred percent that its pathogens will never get into your body. Everyone who personally knows what a tripper is, as a rule, takes all measures to never face it again.

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