What is a tire?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
January 26, 2015
What is a tire?

Under the Russian word tire can mean several concepts. Most people associate this word primarily with the car, but in fact it is used in the field of medicine, in computer technology, in electrical engineering and military history. So, let's see what a tire is and give some examples of the use of this word.

Application word

  • A tire (or in other words, a tire) is an integral part of a car, i.e. thanks to this component, cars are thrown around the world. The tire is made of hard rubber alloys and strong metal cords. You can learn about the required tire pressure from the article What pressure should be in the tires.
  • The tire is also used in medicine, for example, for fixing broken limbs of a person, an animal. Thanks to the tire there is a strong fixation of the broken bone, which contributes to the speedy recovery.
  • Even at the time of the knights, the word tire was understood to be a narrow metal strip in a knight's armor.
  • The term bus is often also used in electrical networks, namely between electrical units. Power bus - a set of various wires for power supply of a device. You can also meet the bus switchgear.
  • The bus is also used in the computer field: it is this component that helps to transfer certain information data between the functional blocks of a PC. Each bus has its own set of connections. Tires are both internal and external.

Examples of the use of the word

  • "... Levka resisted, kicked, but he was crushed, twisted, of course, someone sat on his chest, and suddenly there was a loud crash, as if a car tire had burst" (Y. Triffon. House on the embankment).
  • “In a huge, to the extreme neglected front, dimly lit by a tiny coal lamp under a high ceiling black with dirt, a bicycle without tires hung on the wall ...” (M. Bulgakov. Master and Margarita).
  • “They put a tire on her, they said they had to walk in a cast for three weeks” (L. Smirnova. My love).

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