What is a timesheet?

Yana Lisitsina
Yana Lisitsina
December 22, 2014
What is a timesheet?

Many words have several similar meanings at once used in different fields of activity. In this article we consider the meaning of the term "sheet".

What is a timesheet: the meaning of the word

The meanings of this word are the following:

  • The sheet is a statement of student performance. Drawn up for the reporting period of time, for example, for a quarter or for the entire academic year. It contains a list of subjects that the student studied, and the grades that are given on him following the results of the educational process, as well as for control and examination papers.
  • The sheet is a number that the employee removes from the special board when he enters the service and hangs back when he leaves. Used to record attendance at working hours. In addition, in this sense, the term "report card" can be used to designate a list of control of the time of arrival and departure from work.
  • There is also a so-called “state list” - a list of clothing property (with indication of its quantity, as well as its varieties), laid down for the employees of an enterprise, field of activity.For example, the status sheet of cars for budgetary organizations.

It is also worth mentioning what a table of ranks. This is a legislative act issued by Peter I in 1722. According to him, 14 ranks (classes, ranks) for military, civilian and court service were determined. After 1917, the report card was abolished.

Also, the concept of “timesheet” is used in general terms as a kind of list with sequentially presented information of any nature. For example, there may be a list of public holidays, a list of penalties.

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