What is a thunderstorm?

Irina Gromyak
Irina Gromyak
January 21, 2013
What is a thunderstorm?

We live in the world of nature, which means that it is closely tied to us, and we, accordingly, with it. Natural phenomena in life accompany us very often, such as a thunderstorm.

What is a thunderstorm? Science tells us that this is a natural phenomenon that takes place in the atmosphere and is accompanied by thunder and lightning. Precipitations of varying intensity, squalls and hail - all these phenomena can accompany a thunderstorm. This is one of the natural phenomena that is dangerous to humans.

If powerful cumulonimbus clouds have appeared in the sky, then soon expect thunderstorms. Thunderstorms are frontal and intra mass. The first are formed when the warm or cold front passes, others - with local overheating of the air. Thunderstorm in winter almost never happens. It takes place in spring, summer and autumn, when it is warm. Its duration can be about two hours. Usually the thunderstorm begins in the evening, but it can sometimes begin in the morning.

Little bit about lightning

Scientists have long investigated what a thunderstorm is. Lightning is another factor that occurs during thunderstorms. A sharp flash in the sky during a thunderstorm.Who has not seen this phenomenon? This is also a natural phenomenon, which arises due to the spark discharge of the electrostatic charge of the cloud. The difference in electrical potential, maybe several million volts, between particles of a cloud or two different clouds leads to the appearance of lightning. From two to fifty kilometers clouds can be located from the ground, and the length of the lightning depends on this length. Thirty thousand degrees is the temperature in the lightning channel. If it gets into some objects, it can split or ignite them. About three thousand people in the world die every year from lightning. The discharge selects the smallest electrical resistance, and this means that, most likely, it will fall into a thin and tall tree. Therefore, it is recommended to install lightning rods. These phenomena of nature have been studied by many scientists, including M. V. Lomonosov.

There are rules of conduct for thunder and lightning. These rules must be followed, because when there is lightning there is always a threat to life. There are many cases in history when lightning struck ships and airplanes, inflicting heavy damage on equipment and took people from life.

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