What is a thermometer? Meaning of the word

What is a thermometer? If you are interested in this question and want to find a simple and clear answer to it, then welcome! Especially for you, we wrote this publication, which fully covers this topic.

What is a thermometer?

History of creation

In order to understand what a thermometer is, you first need to plunge into the wilds of history. We think the information provided below will be very useful for general development.

From Greek, the word "thermometer" means "measure heat." The first prototype of this device was a thermoscope, and the well-known Galileo Galilei created it in 1957. This invention was a small ball with an attached handle. It was used to determine the temperature of the fluid. Although the thermoscope can be called the first thermometer, it was very different in design from its modern counterparts. His readings were directly dependent on atmospheric pressure, and not on the mercury scale.

With the development of scientific progress, the thermometer itself has changed.In 1667, 110 years after the invention of the thermoscope, a liquid thermometer was first mentioned, and in 1742 a physicist from Sweden Celsius invented a thermometer with a scale in which the “0” point indicated the freezing point of a liquid, and the “100” point - its boiling point .

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Types of thermometers

You already know the translation and definition of the word "thermometer", now it's time to talk about the existing varieties of this device. In total there are seven types of thermometers, and we will devote a paragraph to each of them.

Liquid thermometer

This device acts due to the effect of expansion of the liquid during its heating. The most famous liquid thermometer is a mercury. It is often used in medicine to measure body temperature. Despite the fact that mercury is a very toxic and dangerous substance, it is able to most accurately determine body temperature (which cannot be said about other liquids).

Thermometers on alcohol are widely used in meteorology. "Why not mercury?" - surely you ask. But the fact is that when the air temperature reaches 38 degrees Celsius, the mercury inside the device begins to acquire a thick form, which is why it stops working.

What does the word thermometer mean

Gas thermometer

What is a liquid thermometer? We think that we were able to give a capacious and informative answer to this question. Now let's talk about gas thermometers, which work almost according to the same principle as liquid ones. The only difference between them is that gas thermometers use inert gas instead of liquid. The range of such devices ranges from 271 degrees Celsius to 1000 degrees Celsius. As a rule, gas thermometers are used for the primary measurement of the temperature of a substance.

Mechanical thermometer

It works on the same principle as its previously mentioned counterparts. The temperature in it is determined by the expansion of the ribbon of biometal and metal spiral. This kind of devices are easy to use and good reliability. Often they are used in automation systems and alarms.

Resistance thermometer

The basis of this thermometer is the dependence of the conductor on temperature. To create these devices use metals. Thermometers of this kind are often used on experimental stands, in laboratories and in production.

Thermoelectric (thermocouple) thermometer

A thermocouple is a contact through which current begins to flow as the temperature changes. The advantages of thermoelectric thermometers include a wide range of measurements, ease of use and the ability to ground the junction. But, unfortunately, it was not without drawbacks. Over time, the thermocouple may rust or undergo other chemical processes that could damage the thermometer. Thermocouples with electrodes of gold, palladium or any other noble metal have maximum accuracy.

A translation of a word

Fiber Optic Thermometer

What is a fiber optic thermometer? This is a sensor based on fiber. These devices respond very well to any, even the slightest changes in the weather. They are actively used in manufacturing to ensure safety.

Pyrometer (or infrared thermometer)

The main difference of the infrared thermometer from all the previous ones is that it works non-contact. Often they are used in industry, but lately they have become increasingly used for medical purposes.This is not surprising: pyrometers are safer than standard mercury thermometers, and they also spend less time measuring temperature.

Definition of the word

What is the difference between a thermometer and a thermometer?

The meaning of the word "thermometer", oddly enough, often becomes the subject of discussion among many people. Someone thinks that a thermometer and a thermometer are one and the same device, and someone is sure of the opposite. Let's explain everything once and for all: a thermometer is the same as a thermometer! Thermometer - it's just the colloquial name of the thermometer, accustomed to the people. Do you understand? Go ahead.

What to do if the thermometer broke?

We have already discussed with you what the word thermometer means, and what its types are, but have not yet talked about one equally important topic - security. Sometimes it happens like this: a person started feeling bad and decided to check the temperature of his body. He takes out his home first-aid kit, takes a thermometer and accidentally drops it on the floor. As a result, this device is broken, and the toxic substance mercury is on its floor.

If you accidentally broke a thermometer and do not want to poison poisonous mercury vapor, be sure to follow these guidelines:

  1. Open the window to provide fresh air and better ventilation.
  2. Remove all people from the room (especially for small children).
  3. To reduce the toxic fumes in other rooms, close the door.
  4. To reduce the spacing of toxic substances on the shoes, you need to put a special mat or cloth moistened with a solution of potassium permanganate at the entrance.
  5. After these actions, it is strongly recommended to seek the help of specialists and not to remove all mercury manually.
Meaning of the word

Synonyms of the word "thermometer"

In fact, there are few synonyms for the word thermometer, and those that exist have already been repeatedly mentioned in this article. But to consolidate the material, we repeat them again:

  • The device.
  • Thermometer.
  • Device.
  • The device.

The result

In our century it is very difficult to imagine life without a thermometer. This universal device is considered to be indispensable and one of a kind. It is often found in everyday life, and without it almost impossible to do. The choice of thermometer primarily depends on the scope of its use, size and accuracy.

We hope that the information provided in this article helped you and you learned a lot.

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