What is a stove?

Andrey Kim
Andrey Kim
March 25, 2015
What is a stove?

The word "plate" has many meanings, it is used in construction, in everyday life, and in geology, as well as in some other areas. Let's see what a plate is in all the meanings of a given word.

Construction plate

Construction plates are made of different materials and, depending on the material from which they are made, serve for different purposes. Reinforced concrete slab is made of concrete and steel and is used, for example, for the construction of floors of buildings. But the chipboard or gypsum board, of course, is used for interior decoration.

Plate in geology

The term "plate" in geology refers to the area of ​​the earth's crust within the platform, which is covered with a so-called platform cover. The slab is an opposition to the shield and the array - to sections of platforms that do not have a platform cover.

Kitchen stove

The stove is a heating appliance that is used for cooking. Cookers today are divided into gas, electric, induction and solid fuel.This characteristic, you guessed it, is assigned depending on what energy is used for heating.

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