What is a scooter?

December 19, 2014
What is a scooter?

A scooter is a two-wheeled vehicle that is a motor scooter. The word came into Russian from English: "scooter" is translated as a motor scooter. This is such a lightweight motorcycle, the main technical equipment of which is hidden under the plastic case. Management on a scooter is carried out by the hands; legs are not used, but simply lie on a stand. The engine in the scooter is located under the seat.

Of course, on a scooter you can only ride on flat roads, preferably asphalted, without bumps and pits. But it is maneuverable and miniature, which proves its advantage over cars in the conditions of traffic congestion.

It is quite possible to accelerate on a scooter to 60 km / h. It weighs relatively little - about 100 kg (although, of course, there are more heavyweight models). Interestingly, the engine power is only 4-8 horsepower, and the volume of the fuel tank is 4-7 liters.

The article How to choose a scooter will help you choose a scooter. You can even buy it for 30-50 thousand rubles.However, remember that using this type of transport is very life-threatening: in a collision at normal speed from a scooter driver, it is unlikely that something will remain.

Other meanings

What is a scooter in other values?

A scooter is also a jet ski, and a lightweight high-speed racing vessel, and an underwater tug in diving.

In the riding sport there is a discipline called "scooter" in which dogs (you will be surprised) drag people on scooters, as if in sledding.

By the way, Scooter (Scooter) is also a famous German musical group performing songs in the pop and electro genre.

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