What is a sample of gold

Such a noble metal as gold is prettyrarely falls into human hands in pure form. Usually those items that we call gold, in fact, are alloys of gold and ligature. Ligature is called impurities of base metals. These impurities, which are added to the alloy, are used to improve the operational and other necessary qualities, since this precious metal itself is very soft in its pure form. Gold in its pure form is subject to severe abrasion, and products that can be made from it will be easily scratched and often torn.

Even in ancient times, scientists determined that the bestligature for gold are silver and copper. Therefore, they were added to gold alloys in various quantities. And in order to be able to know the amount of added ligature in the alloys for making jewelry, gold samples were used. That is, in the modern jewelry world, the quality of any jewelry and product from this precious metal depends not on what (red or white) gold is used for its production, but on the content of impurities that impart strength and durability to them.

Most often these jewelry products are made from585 samples of gold. Among the material for the manufacture of jewelry distinguish red, yellow and white gold. Red gold is made by adding copper to it, this increases its strength and durability. As a ligature for yellow, as a rule, silver is used, and nickel and palladium are added to produce the white in the alloy. Historically, there are two systems for determining the sample of gold - the carat and metric. On the territory of Russia, a metric system is mainly used, based on determining the weight of the precious metal in thousandths of the mass of the product. Therefore, it is easy to understand what kind of gold samples there are. For example, in 1000 grams of the 585 alloy, 585 grams of pure gold and 415 grams of ligature are contained. The same is also determined by the sample of white gold.

Karat system for determining the gold sample inmainly used in the UK, Europe and the USA. In this case, the designation is in carats. Carat is defined as one twenty-fourth part of the weight of gold in the alloy. Therefore, pure precious metal has 24 carats, 750 sample corresponds to 18 carats, 375 test is 9 carats. The most popular in the world uses a gold alloy of 750 tests. Practical any color gold product is made using this gold sample. Differences in the color of jewelry are achieved by the fact that various precious metals are added to the composition of alloys - palladium, iridium, rhodium, chromium and zinc.

Therefore, in the modern jewelry marketthere is a massive presence of blue gold, green gold, rose gold, black gold, and also white gold. However, the most common are yellow and a combination of yellow and white gold. But in common use there are alloys of four samples: 375, 585, 750 and 958. A gold alloy of 958 samples is most often used for making works of art. There is another 900 test, which in many countries for the coinage of gold coins and in dentistry. If the decorations are made of alloys below 375, they are no longer considered jewelry, they are considered to be jewelry.

In many countries of the world in the production of jewelryThe state controls the content of gold in alloys. In some states, there is still additional control over the corporations of jewelers, who have their own extremely complex and varied stamps. However, in some countries, for example, in Egypt, Turkey, the United States and South America, there is no government control over the manufacture of gold products.

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